Fine Art School Portraits - Common Questions



Why do you include black and white images?

Monochrome is timeless. It eliminates the distraction of color and clothing and allows you to focus on your child and their expression and personality. It prints beautifully, goes with everything, and is ideal for wall displays at home.


Why is there text on my child's face? Are the digital images watermarked?

The text is there to protect the image from being used online or printed without being purchased. When you purchase prints or digital files, the watermark is removed.


Why does my gallery include non-traditional images?

Non-traditional images include portraits where your child is looking down, doing something silly, looking up, or out of the frame. I include non-traditional portraits to share a glimpse of your child as they are and as I see them. Sometimes they look pensive, or strong, or silly, or soulful, or they have beautiful curls or eyes or eyelashes, or they are gazing with love at their teacher. I want to share all of that with you, not just the portraits where they are looking at the camera and smiling. 


My gallery has more or fewer photos than another child's gallery. Why are they not all the same?

No two children are the same, so the galleries also vary. At a recent school, I had a 93% rate of participation, defined as the child's willingness to engage during the portrait process. I spend 3-4 minutes with each child, talking with them and learning a bit about what might make them smile in a genuine way. Some children are not comfortable engaging with a stranger, even a trusted adult, and that is ok. It is important for me that each child is comfortable and has a positive experience. Some children are more willing to engage and more expressive, and I am able to deliver a larger gallery in those cases. 



How do I order my child's photos?

Simply log into the gallery and select the images you like.  In the gallery view, hover over the image to reveal the cart button. Or, click on the image to see it larger and click the "Buy Photo" button at the top right. Choose prints, packages, and digital images by adding them to your cart. In the gallery view, click the cart to check out. All payments are taken via credit card. There are no paper forms or checks to write. If you have additional questions, email me and I will be glad to help.


When is the order deadline?

The order deadline is typically 7 days after the gallery is released.


Why do you have an order deadline?

In order to provide excellent customer service and deliver prints in a timely manner, we close the galleries 7 days after release. This gives you ample time to decide on your print order and allows us to deliver prints within a reasonable amount of time.


Oh no! I missed the deadline! Can I still order?

It might be possible, but reopening the gallery and placing a separate order from the rest of the school will incur late and delivery fees. Place your order on time to avoid fees altogether!


When can I expect to receive my order?

The order deadline is typically 7 days after the gallery is released. Digital images are available immediately, and prints are delivered to the school 2-3 weeks after the order deadline.



How big are the digital files?

The digital image files are high resolution, 6-8MB each, and will print well for any home use.


What can I do with the images once I purchase them? Can I share on social media? Is there anything I can't do?

Your digital files come with a print release that allows you to make unlimited copies for personal use. The artist retains copyright to all images. You cannot enter the images into a competition as if they were your own, resell the images for profit, or use them for commercial or editorial work without written permission. We kindly request credit when posting to social media sites. You can tag @visible.nostalgia on Instagram or It is also against the terms of use to scan and print extra copies of a print image. I am a local artist and entrepreneur, and I have put my heart into this work. If you want to make lots of copies, buy the digitals for the most flexibility!


Where should I print my photos?

My favorite online print shops for personal work are and My favorite local shop in Palo Alto recently closed. When developing images, be sure to check the box indicating you do not want/need color correction on your files.  Prints created at generic one-hour labs do not retain image integrity or original coloring. They typically just look bad. We cannot be responsible for the outcome of prints not purchased directly from the Studio.


What is a model release?

A model release allows the artist to use the images in their portfolio. No identifying information is ever used in connection with your child's photo, and you can trust that I take privacy very seriously. Signing a model release is completely voluntary and very much appreciated. I would love to share this work with others so that we can all expect more from school photos! Click here for the Model Release. (It's simple; just child's name, your name, email, and check "I agree").


Other Sessions

My child goes to another school. How can I bring Fine Art School Portraits to my school?

Because of the nature of this boutique experience, I am only able to offer fine art school portraits to a small number of schools each year. I do have materials I can share with your school administrators. Contact me to see if we might be a fit!


We are looking for a family photographer. Do you do family sessions?

The short answer is: sometimes! I am a documentary photographer and love to make photos and films (videos) of families. That means I love to follow your family around for a few hours as you go about your day and capture what makes your family unique. I don't currently offer posed family portrait sessions. Check out my instagram account at the link above. If you like what you see, we might be a good fit! Contact me for more information.