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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I'm honored you are here.
After a long journey in photography, I've settled into what feels like home to me: documentary images and films of travel and family life, as well as a few passion projects. I have a BA in International Relations and a career history in the nonprofit sector including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Kiva Microfunds. Photography and filmmaking are my lifelong pursuit, intellectual challenge, visual journal, interpretive filter, and creative outlet. 

I enjoy hanging out in my backyard as much as jetting away to the next exotic destination. My girls are growing up too fast, and I try to balance soaking in precious time with them and recording the moments to remember later as they go by in a blur. I could spend all day searching for the perfect song for a video clip. 
I believe that the value of imagery increases over time, even if it feels inadequate in the present moment. I have an exceptional memory for names and circumstances but I am constantly looking for my sunglasses. You can often find me at midnight reading a good book or staring at the computer screen editing photos and video clips.


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